Best UK Health Insurance 2013

Considering the UK has the NHS, you may be wondering why you would need any health insurance at all. The truth is, if you're looking for a better quality of care and want to skip waiting lists for essential treatments, you'll need health insurance. The best health insurance in 2013, however, seems to be provided by other companies beside the big brand names (i.e., Bupa, AXA and Saga), according to customer reviews.

UK Health Insurers

This list of best health insurance in 2013 is complied from customer reviews and ratings. Your personal needs and requirements may differ from others, so it's always best to perform your own research into potential health insurers, or speak to a professional advisor.

CS Healthcare

According to the Which? Best Buy survey, CS Healthcare scored and overall rating of 81% by its customers. Its medical treatment, low costs, communication with customers, fair policies and choice of consultants made it the best health insurance in 2013. However, CS Healthcare only provides care to parts of the civil service sector, public sector and not-for-profit organisations.

Exeter Family Friendly

Appearing in late 2008, Exeter came close behind CS Healthcare with a 74% satisifcation rate. Exeter provides clear-cut policies and is praised for its communication with customers, as well as its fair (although not the lowest) costs. Policies can be altered to meet certain needs and there are also discounts for non-smokers and people who take care of their weight. However, some cancer treatments (such as experimental trials) are not covered.

Bupa Health Insurance

Bupa is one of the biggest names in health insurance. Their private healthcare is often described as second only to the NHS in terms of services locations and they are often described as having excellent care quality. However, many customers in 2013 were dissatisified with the lack of support from Bupa; long term care needs and loopholes in cover are main concerns for most customers. Often, customer were not covered due to technicalities in their terms and conditions and many claims were obstructured by Bupa in the past year. If you think Bupa provides the right care coverage for you, seek legal advice to ensure the policy you opt for will fully cover you and you understand the extent of your health insurance. However, Bupa was rated very highly for its choice of specialists, hospitals, diversity in policies and medical treatment.

AXA Health Insurance

AXA has also been reviewed as having a tendancy to reject reimbursement claims and have been criticised for their customer service skills. However, AXA has been praised for its coverage of cancer related illnesses, specialist treatment and treatment times in this area. It also provides a basic package for anyone who can't afford other providers, allowing anyone to access private health care.

Choosing the Right Insurer

The best health insurance in 2013 may not be the ideal cover for you. Most customers will only write reviews about a product when they have had a bad experience; customers rarely go out of their way to make a good review. You should carefully approach each provider and consider their policies, and ask for professional advice wherever required.

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