The top three best car insurances UK 2013/2014

A major survey by the guys over at AutoExpress.co.uk interviewed tens of thousands of motorists to find out which were the best car insurances in UK 2014. The survey rated insurance companies on communication, helpfulness, value for money, how long it took them to settle a claim and overall service. Here’s what the survey found are the top three car insurances and brokers in the country for 2013/2014.

1. NFU Mutual

NFU Mutual took the honours of best car insurances UK for 2013/2014 once again from the previous year. Motorists praised the company’s stellar local customer service and particularly singled out the company’s exceptionally attentive staff who went above and beyond their call off duty to offer unparalleled service from the local office. While NFU’s policies are not exactly cheap, you will love that you don’t have to talk to a call centre. You will also love their efficient communication when providing information on their range of services, policies and application procedures. NFU proves yet again this year that it is not always the cheapest car insurance providers that are the best.

2. LV= Frizzell

Coming in a close second on the list was Frizzell. The specialised car insurer for trade unions and organizations improved its service offerings across the board, which ensured it came up from fourth place last year. Areas where Frizzell particularly outshone the competition were in excellent policy offerings, price competitiveness and ease of reach when you want to contact them for support or help.

3. Adelaide IAM Surety

Closing the top three list of best carinsurances in the country was IAM Surety. Although Surety cane down fromsecond place this year, motorists praised it for its highly reputable serviceand value for money. It offers top-notch cover to paying members of the Institute of AdvancedMotorists.

Other top performing car insurers UK

Other companies that featured prominently on the list of best car insurances UK this year include:

  • Royal & Sun Alliance – finished on the top end of our insurers’ chart in fourth place overall.

  • SAGA - gained points in all categories, but scored especially high for speed in settling claims.

  • Liverpool Victoria –was praised for superb value for money.

  • John Lewis – emerged as this year’s highest-ranked new entry.
  • RIAS - dropped three places to sit outside the top three for the first time in six years.

Which car insurance in the UK have you had the best experience with?

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