The best car insurance for provisional license holders

Finding the best car insurance for a provisional license holder can be a daunting task. Premiums are higher since this category of drivers is considered a high risk group by insurance companies. If you are a parent looking for an affordable insurance for young drivers or are a learner, we offer a few tips to find the bests deals.

How to find good deals

Provisional license holders are definitely high risk individuals for insurance companies since they lack the experience behind the wheel and are likely to make an accident and submit a claim. Therefore, insurance companies jack up the premiums of inexperienced drivers to cover their losses in the event of claims. To find the best car insurance for provisional license holder, consider the following:

  • - Enroll in a professional driving school where insurance is included in the cost. This will not only teach learners to drive properly, but will also save on premiums.
  • - You can also add a learner driver to your own policy. However, bear in mind that should there be accidents, your insurance premiums could also increase significantly.
  • - Look into the possibility of taking out a short term insurance policy which can come out cheaper as opposed to paying an annual policy.
  • - Note that picking the right car for yourself as a provisional license holder can also have a bearing on the amount of premiums you have to pay. If you modify cars such as adding spoilers or alloy wheels, your premiums could increase. However, if you invest in a good alarm or immobiliser, your premiums will become cheaper.

Other considerations include the age, gender of the driver, where the car will be kept in the night, mileage, model, value, claims history of the main policy holfer, use of the car and so on.

That said, here are some companies that can provide affordable insurance:

  • - Liberty insurance (libertyinsurance.co.uk)
  • - Aviva (aviva.co.uk)
  • - City insurance (cityinsurance.co.uk)

Specifically for provisional license holders

In addition, check out Marmalade (wearamarmalade.co.uk) and Provisional Marmalade (provisionalmarmalade.co.uk) of the Young Marmalade Group. They specialise in providing car insurance for learners and young drivers. Premiums start at £85 a month.The company tracks driving patterns of drivers and those who are careful drivers are retained while bad ones are let go. This scheme is one of the best car insurance plan for provisional license holders.

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