'Bad Date' Insurance Plans Reveiled

A new type of insurance is hitting the market, aimed at women who are subjected to bad date experiences. 'Bad date' insurance, created by Confused.com, was coined after a survey revealed 76% of dates went very badly and 46% of women complained that their date partner "looked nothing like their profile picture". Now, if women spend money on disastrous dates, their 'bad date' insurance can reclaim the cost.

How does it work?

A survey from Confused.com found out that not only do women usually experience a terrible date most of the time, but they also pay up to £400 more per year for car insurance than married women drivers. In a bid to help out these singletons, Confused.com is trial running their 'bad date' insurance scheme.

Even if the woman doesn't pay for the date, the scheme still covers:

  • The cost of new clothes.
  • Cost of makeup.
  • Cost of travel to and from dates.

When the costs all add up, single women, according to Confused.com, end up paying out significantly more than married women. It's hope that the 'bad date' insurance trial run will go well, and encourage single women to date more confidently and, hopefully, find a partner and eventually reduce their car insurance.

Before launching the product, Confused.com is asking women to discuss their bad date experiences. Of their experiences, women have described:

  • A trip to a sewage station on a first date;
  • A day out at the coffin factory;
  • Being taken to a wedding;
  • Taken to meet the parents.

The policy has also been considered for men, with a 24% rate of men being stood up by dates and some bad date experiences as well.

Policy Implementation

As a concept, 'bad date' insurance seems to be a unique idea. However, implementing the insurance will be very difficult. From the initial description of the insurance, it would be very easy for policy holders to commit fraud, thus raising premiums for other customers and creating a very expensive insurance.

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