Get an Argos Pet Insurance Quote Today!

They may be best known for their huge catalogues of goodies as well as their seven hundred and fifty plus no frills warehouse based stores, but did you know that Argos now offer you pet insurance, among several other unexpected services?

As part of a huge ongoing expansion of the company that will ultimately cost as much as £70 million, Argos decided to make steps into the insurance business and now offers cover for your cats and dogs, as well as travel insurance, car insurance and home insurance.

If you've ever been concerned as to whether or not you could afford to pay for emergency medical treatment for your cat or dog, then it's probably worth taking a look at the Argos plans. Argos claim that the 2010 average cost for a road accident involving a pet was as high as £506 per claim, a figure not to be sniffed at for pet lovers everywhere.

They are currently running an offer for their Cat Silver cover which entitles qualifying applicants to multi pet and online discounts for as little as £3.75 per month. New customers are entitled to a 5% deduction for buying online, with additional cuts of 10% for insurance of an additional pet meaning great news for cat lovers everywhere.

Dog cover starts at as little as £7.05 per month for the silver plan, rising to £9.34 for the gold plan and £14.02 for the platinum plan. For both animals, the silver plan offers coverage of up to £2,500 for veterinary fees per single condition, gold boasts £4,000 coverage for vet fees and the top plan, platinum, offers a whopping £7,000 for vets fees with no limit on the length of treatment.

You can call them now for your Argos Pet Insurance quote on 0845 600 5504, or online at www.argos-pet-insurance.co.uk.

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