Do AIB health insurance provide health insurance in Ireland?

AIB health insurance can help you make big savings on your current health insurance plan. If you're looking for the most comprehensive cover - AIB's Level 2 health insurance - you could save over €1000 by switching from VHI's plan B.

And if you're worried that, as a bank, AIB won't know the first thing about health insurance, there's no need to be because they've teamed up with leading insurer Aviva.

There are a number of health insurance plans you can pick with AIB. Choosing the right health insurance plan is important and you should take your time deciding which one suits you and your family needs.

Level 1 Hospital and Level 2 Everyday are the two most basic health insurance plans. Both plans provide a private room in a public hospital and guaranteed access to quality healthcare. The main difference between the plans is Level 1 Everyday gives you money back on day to day medical expenses.

Level 2 Hospital and Level 2 Everyday are probably the best choices for families looking for a high level of cover. Level 2 Hospital provides a semi-private bed in a private hospital; if the need for hospital treatment arises. Level 2 Everyday provides all the same benefits as Level 2 Hospital along with covering day to day medical expenses.

Additional AIB health insurance plans include the 'I Plan' levels 3 to 5, which is perfect for individuals looking for a tailored health insurance package to suit their needs. And the 'We Plan' levels 3 to 5 offers the same benefits to families.


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