How to buy adventure sports insurance in the UK

If you love doing extreme activities then you might need an adventure sports insurance in the UK to cover your backs when the unexpected happens. Whether you intend to do rock climbing, bungee diving or hike through the Amazon forest, you have to make sure you have the right cover. We tell you how to apply for an adventure travel insurance.

How to look for sports insurance

Sports insurance is as important as having a health or medical cover. But as it is a risky activity, adventure sports insurance is very specific in what it covers or not cover. If you are planning to go away for a holiday and intend to do adventure sports, it is imperative that you buy another or extra cover. Here are some tips to get the best deals on adventure sports insurance in the UK.

  • Negotiate with your current provider

Go to your insurance provider and ask if they are offering adventure travel insurance. You can then top up your travel insurance with adventure activities you intend to do. From a management point of view, it will be easier to keep track of the paperwork when the insurance is with the same agents.

  • Shop for a specialist insurer

There are also adventure insurance specialists. Find out by doing a simple Google or Bing search. You can also use an insurance comparison site to get the best price quotes.

  • Educate yourself

To get the best deals (assuming that you shopped around for the lowest prices), take your time in understanding what adventure insurance will get you. Often you can also get a special cover suitable to your needs. However, the basic features of this type of insurance include assistance for emergency and medical expenses. This will include search and rescue and evacuation. Personal accident, liability and legal costs are covered as well. You can also get a separate cover for equipment. For an additional cost, you can include cancellation, travel delay and loss of personal possessions.

Where to buy

Adventure sports insurance in the UK can be bought from several insurers such as SportsCover Direct, Leisure Care and Top Notch Cover. Once you zero in on the type of insurance you need and canvassed prices, don’t forget to look at the fine print. If necessary, you can top up your insurance to make sure you are covered for every little thing you do whilst on holiday or travelling.

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