How to get even cheaper over 50s car insurance

Car insurance, unlike many other things, often gets cheaper when you join the over 50s crowd. Yet, just like everything else, if you can get it for even less money, why not?

Getting cheap over 50s car insurance simply means knowing what insurance companies are looking for when they offer lower premiums, and which companies offer the best rates for older drivers.

Tips for getting even cheaper over 50s car insurance

Go with companies specialising in over 50 insurance - Although the over 50 driver often gets cheaper car insurance, you can make that even more likely by getting quotes from companies that specialise in dealing with older drivers Companies like Saga, Endsleigh, and John Lewis are great places to get quotes, as their premiums fall sharply once you turn 50.

Choose companies with high maximum age limits - If you plan on driving into your 70s and beyond, it makes sense to sign up for insurance with a company that has high maximum age limits and stick with them. After all, you don't want to be 80, and still fit to drive, only to be told your insurance company won't insure you any more. Look at Saga, who has no limits, Aviva and Nationwide, who insure up to age 85, or Diamond, who won't stop insuring you until you're 98 years old.

Get insurance online - Some companies that insure over 50s drivers give even bigger discounts if you get quotes and the take out a car insurance policy online. Companies such as Saga, Aviva, and Kwik-Fit give between a 10-20% discount for online insurance.

Protect your no claim discount - Just as with a driver of any age, over 50s car insurance is even cheaper with at least a four year no claim discount. If you have an accident, make sure it's worth claiming on your policy, as you could lose your up to 60% no claim discount if you do.

Insure all drivers with same company - If you and your spouse both own cars, insure them through the same company, as multiple cars being insured together reduce your insurance premiums. But, if you have adult children still living at home, compare quotes carefully before agreeing to insure through the same company. A much younger driver may be better off (for you, anyway) getting their insurance elsewhere.

Why do companies offer cheaper insurance to older drivers?

As we get older, so many things get worse, isn't it nice to know insurance premiums aren't one of them?

If you take out a policy through a car insurance company that specialises in over 50s car insurance, their experience shows them you're far less likely to have an accident than a younger driver and, even if you do, still less likely to claim for it.

Taking on older drivers benefits them and, of course, you.

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