BIBA offers guides, brokers and jargon busters

Have you tried to find insurance lately and just become confused or even frustrated? The folks over at the British Insurance Brokers' Association (BIBA) can help to sort out your insurance needs and make finding an insurance broker easy. The BIBA is a large general insurance organisation that represents the interests of customers, intermediaries and brokers in the UK.

About BIBA

BIBA provides its members with technical advice and business support to raise industry standards, in addition to providing a voice in the insurance industry for stakeholders, consumers, members and regulators. With just a bit over 2,000 firms in their membership, you are sure to find the advice and expertise you need to find quality brokers and just the right insurance cover.

All the brokers listed are professional firms offering services for helping customers to find the most cost-effective insurance plan for their needs. Brokers represent clients and customer's interests providing guidance and advice. They offer their experience to help you choose the best insurance products and help to guide you in choosing the right risk management services.

Use the convenient "Find a Broker" section at the BIBA website when you are ready to find a broker for help with your insurance cover. Brokers working through BIBA are committed to working for you to negotiate the most appropriate insurance cover specifically tailored to your individual needs.

Check out the handy insurance guides on the BIBA site that help explain a variety of insurance types, so you can make informed insurance choices.

Stop by the jargon buster page and find out what the current insurance lingo terms are and what they really mean.

One stop convenience

The BIBA website at biba.org.uk is the place to go to get all the answers to your questions about finding a broker, informative insurance guides and jargon busters to make sense of what you are learning. Over 400,000 people use the services of BIBA to make the right choices for their insurance needs and you can too.

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